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ESHET Awards


Si comunicano i premi ESHET annunciati nella recente conferenza di Madrid


Please find hereafter the 2018 ESHET Awards announced at the 2018 ESHET Conference in Madrid (Spain), 8 June 2018.



New Honorary Member

Pierluigi Ciocca   Academia dei Lincei     


Gilles Dostaler Award

Regis Servant   Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne

Let’s agree not to agree: F.A. Hayek’s ‘calculus of consent’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 41 (1), 2017: 259-281

Best Article Award

Ivan Moscati   Università degli Studi dell’Insubria

How Economists Came to Accept Expected Utility Theory: The Case of Samuelson and Savage, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30 (2), 2016: 219-236

Best Book Award

Andrej Svorencík and Harro Maas   University of Mannheim and University of Lausanne

The Making of Experimental Economics: Witness Seminar of the Emergence of a Field, Heidelberg: Springer, 2016


                Best Scholarly Edition

        Pascal Bridel, Francesca Dal Degan and Nicolas Eyguesier  

        University of Lausanne

                Jean-Claude-Léonard Simonde de Sismondi, Oeuvres économiques        complètes, Paris: Economica,  2017

Young Researcher Award


Béatrice Cherrier   CNRS and Université de Cergy Pontoise

On behalf of the ESHET Council,

Ivo Maes

Prof. Ivo Maes

Senior Advisor for Historical Studies

Research Department

National Bank of Belgium

Boulevard de Berlaimont

1000 Brussels



Tel 32-2-221 2796


Recent publications include:

Architects of the Euro: Intellectuals in the Making of European Monetary Union, Editor, with Kenneth Dyson. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 292, 2016.

Alexandre Lamfalussy – Selected Essays,  Editor, Budapest: Magyar Nemzeti Bank and National Bank of Belgium, pp. 405,2017.

The European Payments Union and the origins of Triffin’s regional approach towards international monetary integration, with I. Pasotti, forthcoming in History of Political Economy, 2017

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