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Prossimi eventi

Colloquia doctoralia. Alessandro Le Donne presenta “Some Aspects of Antoine Destutt De Tracy’s Economic Analysis (1754-1836)”
Colloquia doctoralia. Paolo Santori presenta “The Market in the Kingdom of Ends. Towards a Kantian Normative Economics”
Colloquia doctoralia. Andrea Ramazzotti presenta “Wage Compression and School Enrollment: The Influence of Collective Agreements on Human Capital Accumulation in Italy, 1960s-1980s”
Colloquia doctoralia. Antonio Iodice presenta “Isabella De Mari Doria (1708-1785). Profile, strategies and risk-attitude of a Genoese patriciate businesswoman”
Colloquia doctoralia. Filippo Pietrini presenta “Investigating the words of consumption”
Colloquia doctoralia: Mirek Tobiáš Hošman presenta “‘In Defense of Development? The Rise and Fall of the Supplementary Finance Scheme at the World Bank”
Workshop “Le donne e l’economia in Italia (1750-1950)”. Online, 19-20 settembre 2022.