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Colloquia doctoralia. Alessandro Le Donne presents “Some Aspects of Antoine Destutt De Tracy’s Economic Analysis (1754-1836)”
Colloquia doctoralia. Paolo Santori presents “The Market in the Kingdom of Ends. Towards a Kantian Normative Economics”
Colloquia doctoralia. Andrea Ramazzotti presents “Wage Compression and School Enrollment: The Influence of Collective Agreements on Human Capital Accumulation in Italy, 1960s-1980s”
Colloquia doctoralia. Antonio Iodice presents “Isabella De Mari Doria (1708-1785). Profile, strategies and risk-attitude of a Genoese patriciate businesswoman”
Colloquia doctoralia. Mirek Tobiáš Hošman presents “In Defense of Development? The Rise and Fall of the Supplementary Finance Scheme at the World Bank”
Colloquia doctoralia. Filippo Pietrini presents “Investigating the words of consumption”
Workshop “Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)”. September 19-20, 2022