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Discounted subscriptions to “History of Political Economy” for AISPE members

AISPE is pleased to announce that Duke University Press offers its members discounted subscriptions to History of Political Economy at a rate of $70 for regular...


PRIN “The Economic Thought of Italian Women (1750-1999)”: Funded

The PRIN The Economic Thought of Italian Women (1750-1999): Methodological Issues, Ideas, Impact, International Connections, a Census and an Online Database has...


From 27 January 2023, “Towards a Global History of Economic Thought”. A Webinar Series

The aim of this webinar series is to initiate a reflection on the contribution that the history of economic thought can give to the global history. We shall start...


Call for curricular internships within the framework of the PRIN “LexEcon. The international research network on the economic lexicon”

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa, in partnership with the Interuniversity Centre for Documentation on Italian Economic Thought...

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

AISPE supports and promotes research on Italian women who, throughout history, influenced and engaged in debates on various economic issues, not only in academia...


“Rethinking Economics”. Cycle of HET video lessons for high schools

AISPE invites scholars to participate in the initiative with self-produced video lessons on the themes of the History of Economic Thought, by choosing (or adding)...


AISPE Research Grants 2023
Announcement of the winner

The winner of the AISPE Research Grant 2023 is Mirek Tobiáš Hošman. AISPE invites applications for early career scholars research initiatives. Applications...

    M. Alacevich, Albert O. Hirschman. An Intellectual Biography, Columbia University Press, 2021
    Commission: Sebastiano Nerozzi (President), Ivo Maes, and Simona Pisanelli
    Herrade Igersheim “Rawls on the economists: The (im)possible dialogue”, Revue économique, 2022, 6: 73, pp. 1013-1037
    Commission: Manuela Mosca (President), Mario Pomini, and Cleo Chassonnery Zaigouche
    Gianluca Damiani, William H. Riker and the adoption of Game Theory in Political Science, PhD in Mutamento sociale e politico, University of Florence-Turin
    Commission: Claudia Rotondi (President), Francesco Sergi, and Antonella Rancan

Call for awards

    Piero Barucci (University of Florence)

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AISPE financial support for summer schools’ participants.
Deadline: July 31, 2024

AISPE provides up to 500 euros as travel/accommodation reimbursement to two accepted young scholars to a Summer Schools in the History of Economic Thought scheduled...


Special issues HETP and PEI based on papers presented at the Palermo Conference.
Call for papers – deadline March 31st, 2024

AISPE and the journals History of Economic Thought and Policy (HETP), and Pensiero Economico Italiano (PEI), are preparing special issues based on papers presented...


Presentations of new volumes by AISPE members will resume on January 11, 2024

AISPE is pleased to announce the third series of the presentation of new member volumes. The calendar (work in progress) is avalaible in the attached poster: Third...


AISPE presents the session “Gender issues, feminism and economics in the history of economic thought” at the Annual Conference of the American Economic Association. January, 5-7, 2024

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on January 5–7, 2024 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in San Antonio, Texas. The headquarters hotel is Grand Hyatt San Antonio. AISPE...