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Colloquia doctoralia will resume in September 2022

Associazione Italiana per la Storia del Pensiero Economico (AISPE) and Società Italiana Storia dell’Economia (SISE) launch the spring session of the Colloquia...


Call for curricular internships within the framework of the PRIN “LexEcon. The international research network on the economic lexicon”

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa, in partnership with the Interuniversity Centre for Documentation on Italian Economic Thought...


AISPE AWARDS. Winners will be announced at the Assembly on 14 October 2022

AISPE is inviting nominations for the Awards:   The Best Book Award The Best Article Award The Terenzio Maccabelli Best Dissertation Prize (for PhD)   The...


AISPE Statement on Ukraine

Considering the events that are taking place in Ukraine, AISPE endorses the attached document signed by numerous members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other...

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

AISPE supports and promotes research on Italian women who, throughout history, influenced and engaged in debates on various economic issues, not only in academia...


“Ri-pensare l’economia”. Cycle of HET video lessons for high schools

AISPE invites scholars to participate in the initiative with self-produced video lessons on the themes of the History of Economic Thought. For more information see...


Presentations of AISPE members’ new volumes. Calendar and video 2022. Presentations will resume in January 2023

Link: https://unito.webex.com/meet/giandomenica.becchio The full calendar is avalaible in the attached poster: Presentazioni prima serie Presentation Mosca-Laurenzi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvCHfHeoSbQ Presentation...


Coordinator: Giandomenica Becchio

Members: Michele Alacevich

AISPE is aimed to create and to reinforce its partnership with the other HET societies by promoting sessions during their international conferences, by hosting their sessions in the AISPE conferences, as well as by boosting the mutual exchange of ideas amongst their members.

AISPE session presented at the  ESHET Conference, Padua, June 10, 2022
Women and economic thought in Italy (1850-1950):
Monika Poettinger, Emilia Peruzzi (1827-1900)
Manuela Mosca e Elena Laurenzi, Maria Pasolini Ponti (1856-1938)
Francesca Dal Degan, Iris Cutting Origo (1902-1988)
Simone Misiani, Angela Zucconi (1914-2000)

AISPE session presented at the HES Conference,  Minneapolis, June 18, 2022
Women and Economics during the Progressive Era
Chair: Manuela Mosca, University of Salento, AISPE President
Rebeca Gomez Betancourt and David Philippy, American Home Economists’ Progressive Science of Consumption and the High-Cost-of-Living Problem
Guillaume Vallet, Prostitution as an “androcentric” economic institution of capitalism: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s thought
Giandomenica Becchio, The debate on women’s enfranchisement among women economists of the Progressive Era

AISPE session presented at the Charles Gide Society Conference, Paris, July 7-9, 2022
Sergio Cremaschi, The argumentative structure of The Wealth of Nations
Fabrizio Simon, Adam Smith and the reforming spirit of the 18th century
Stefano Fiori, Metaphors of Imagination in Smith and Hume

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AISPE presents the session “The Economics of Interdependence in the EU: Evolution, Dominant Paradigms, and Policy Choices” at the 63rd Annual Conference of the Italian Economic Association. October 20-22, 2022

The 63rd Annual Conference (Riunione Scientifica Annuale-RSA) of the Italian Economic Association (Società Italiana di Economia-SIE) will be held in Torino on October...


AISPE cooperates with MinervaLab for the presentation of the book “A Herstory of Economics”, October 13, 5 pm

In cooperation with Aispe, MinervaLab (Sapienza University of Rome) presents the book A Herstory of Economics of Edith Kuiper (https://www.wiley.com/en-us/A+Herstory+of+Economics-p-9781509538430). The...

Workshop “Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)”. September 19-20, 2022

Workshop “Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)”. September 19-20, 2022

AISPE presents the preliminary results of the research Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950). The workshop will be held online on 19-20 September...


Call PhD Economics cycle XXXVIII, Tuscan Universities – Deadline: August 10th, 2022

From 8 July to 10 August the call for the XXXVIII cycle of the PhD in Economics of the Tuscan Universities (Siena, Florence and Pisa) is open. The PhD programme...