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SECS-P/04 in the VQR



Discounted subscriptions to “History of Political Economy” for AISPE members

AISPE is pleased to announce that Duke University Press offers its members discounted subscriptions to History of Political Economy at a rate of $70 for regular...


Presentations of new volumes by AISPE members

AISPE is pleased to announce the third series of the presentation of new member volumes. The calendar is avalaible here Presentation Baranzini-Besomi Presentation...


PRIN “The Economic Thought of Italian Women (1750-1999)”: Funded

The PRIN The Economic Thought of Italian Women (1750-1999): Methodological Issues, Ideas, Impact, International Connections, a Census and an Online Database has...


Call 2024: Towards a Global History of Economic Thought

In the first annual webinar series on the Global History of Economic Thought, we sought to explore Europe as a whole, rather than as the sum of 27 or more nation-states,...


Call for curricular internships within the framework of the PRIN “LexEcon. The international research network on the economic lexicon”

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa, in partnership with the Interuniversity Centre for Documentation on Italian Economic Thought...

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

AISPE supports and promotes research on Italian women who, throughout history, influenced and engaged in debates on various economic issues, not only in academia...


“Rethinking Economics”. Cycle of HET video lessons for high schools

AISPE invites scholars to participate in the initiative with self-produced video lessons on the themes of the History of Economic Thought, by choosing (or adding)...


AISPE Research Grants 2023
Announcement of the winner

The winner of the AISPE Research Grant 2023 is Mirek Tobiáš Hošman. AISPE invites applications for early career scholars research initiatives. Applications...


Ministerial Decree n. 998/01-08-2023

SECS-P/04 is a sector to which bibliometric indicators of scientific activity do not apply.
In the VQR, the evaluation of the products of history of economic thought is carried out exclusively through peer review, without the use of indicators, as in other SSD dealing with intellectual history and history of science (e.g. history of mathematics, MAT/04).
Its specificity was acknowledged by ANVUR on the occasion of the VQR 2015-2019, in the document on the evaluation methods of GEV 13b (Economic and Business Sciences), available here: Document_GEV13b

On the peculiarities of the history of economic thought, see:
Baccini A., VQR: il GEV 13, la bibliometria e la storia del pensiero economico, ROARS, 27.04.2012

Baccini A., A Bibliometric Portrait of Contemporary History of Economic Thought, in M. Marcuzzo, G. Deleplace, e P. Paesani (a cura di), New Perspectives on Political Economy and Its History, Palgrave MacMillan, cap. 3, pp. 39-62.

Edwards J. and S. Meardon (eds.), Factoring “Impact” in the History of Economics, Œconomia. History Methodology Philosophy, 11-3 | 2021

Hans-Michael Trautwein (2017), The last generalists, The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 24:6, pp. 1134-1166.

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Presentation of the volume “Banche, agricoltura e Stato italiano” by Simone Misiani

Presentation of the volume “Banche, agricoltura e Stato italiano” by Simone Misiani

Simone Misiani and Pier Francesco Asso present the volume Banche, agricoltura e Stato italiano by Simone Misiani. The event will be held on February 23, 2024,...


Towards a Global History of Economic Thought: Web 1_2024

Presentation of the working paper by Fabio Masini, Reappraising Japan’s 1997 Proposal for an Asian Monetary Fund, followed by general discussion and Q & A. Speakers Fabio...


AISPE financial support for summer schools’ participants.
Deadline: July 31, 2024

AISPE provides up to 500 euros as travel/accommodation reimbursement to two accepted young scholars to a Summer Schools in the History of Economic Thought scheduled...


AISPE presents the session “Interpretative paradigms on the labor market in 19 th century” at the 20 th International Conference of the Charles Gide Association. June 20-22, 2024

The 20th International Conference of the Charles Gide Association “Solidarity” will be held on June 20-22, 2024 at the University Sciences Po in Bordeaux. AISPE...


Special issues HETP and PEI based on papers presented at the Palermo Conference.
Call for papers – deadline March 31st, 2024

AISPE and the journals History of Economic Thought and Policy (HETP), and Pensiero Economico Italiano (PEI), are preparing special issues based on papers presented...