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PRIN LexEcon granted (led by Marco Guidi)

The research project LexEcon, led by AISPE Board member, Marco Guidi, has been granted by Italian Research Project. LexEcon project had scored 97.3 out of 100. Congratulations...


AISPE is on Facebook

Since November 2021 AISPE is on Facebook. The Facebook master is Giandomenica Becchio.


AISPE is on Twitter

Since November 2021 AISPE is on Twitter. The Twitter master is Valentina Erasmo.


AISPE adopts a code of conduct

From October 2021 AISPE has adopted a code of conduct. It can be found on the menu, under the heading “About us”.


 AISPE promotes high standards of conduct throughout the profession, as well as the participation and advancement in the history of economics profession of individuals from all backgrounds. 

AISPE members are expected to conduct themselves consistently with the values of honesty, fairness, responsibility, transparency, and integrity. 

AISPE members should encourage the free expression and exchange of ideas, topics, opinions, theories, and methods through debate, discussion, and all forms of participation. Each scholar at every level should be treated fairly, with civility and respect. 

The AISPE community should ensure full participation and expression for all, so that equal opportunity and fair treatment apply regardless of characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, disability, political or religious views, personal or social status, affiliations, or relationships. 

AISPE members are encouraged to report any breach of the code to the designated person of confidence. 

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8th conference of the Latin American Society for the History of Economic Thought (ALAHPE) – Deadline for submissions: November 29, 2021

Montevideo, 20-22 April 2022 https://alahpe.org/en/


Conference Gide 2022 – Deadline for proposals: 17 January 2021

Happiness and Unhappiness of the Economic Agent, Paris, 7-9 July 2022 Submission of proposal: 17th January 2022 https://gide2022.sciencesconf.org/?forward-action=index&forward-controller=index&lang=en


Seminar “Political, legal and economic culture in Italy between the two wars”- 21 December 2021



Harold James on December 9, 2021

Program of the Luigi De Rosa Lecture 2021 presented by Harold James on December 9, at 5 pm. The lecture is online, registration is required.  Programma