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Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)


AISPE supports and promotes research on Italian women who, throughout history, influenced and engaged in debates on various economic issues, not only in academia and economic institutions, but also in salons, among philanthropists, in political, emancipationist and underground movements, in women’s associations and magazines, and entrepreneurial circles.
A workshop on this theme will be held online on 19-20 September 2022.
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First workshop_Women between economic facts and ideas in Italy (1750-1950)

Call for papers

Abstracts received


1752. De-Fonseca-rid1827. Peruzzi-rid1837. Traversi-rid1837. Mozzoni-rid1842. Beccari-rid1852. Schiratti-rid_21854. Kuliscioff-rid1856. Maria-Ponti-Pasolini-rid1862. Cora Slocomb Savorgnan di Brazzà_rid1864. Harriet Lathrop Dunham (Etta de Viti de Marco)_rid1869. Aurelia-Josz-rid1874. Alice Hallgarten Franchetti_rid1880. Sarfatti-rid1881. Maria Gasca Diez1884. Kretschmann-rid1896. Maria Castellani-rid1902. Iris-Origo1903. Luisa Riva Sanseverino-rid1907. Arcari-Paola-Maria-_rid1908. De Novellis-rid1909. Cao Pinna-rid 1910. Federici-rid1913. Costantino-ridAngela1 (2) (1) (1) 1910. Duchini-rid 1920. Ispevich-rid


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